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Harga blackberry curve 9300 3g

Kini BlackBerry menghadirkan varian Curve yang baru yakni BlackBerry Curve 9300 3G. Menurut RIM, ponsel penerus generasi Curve ini ditujukan menyempurnakan kekurangan dari BlackBerry Curve yang telah meluncur sebelumnya seperti BlackBerry Gemini.

harga blackberry curveDidalam BlackBerry yang akrab dipanggil dengan panggilan BlackBerry Curve 9300 3G ini terdapat beberapa fitur baru dan juga perbaikan fitu yang telah ada. Disini kami menghadirkan ulasan singkat mengenai Curve terbaru ini, mari kita simak.

- The first impression Curve 3G, the form is still in the one-dimensional design pattern even a glimpse of the size of this phone is similar to the BlackBerry Gemini. With the support of the trackpad and simple bertombol QWERTY keyboard looks more viscous blood Curve family.

- Mobile phone operating system is experiencing an upgrade of the OS v4.6.1.259 to v5.0.0.875 carried Gemini. In addition to having additional features, the OS is also claimed more efisient in making more efficient use of energy.
harga blackberry curve 9300
- Processor Curve 3G increases the speed of Gemini Gemini 624 MHz where only 512 MHz. This increase adds performance of this phone is getting better and lighter in running applications. This processor is reportedly able to work with the latest operating system OS 6.

- Memory Curve 3G is not experiencing a lot of improvement where the internal memory is still the same with the Gemini 256 MB, but additional memory capacity can be made via micro SD slot that has been available.

- Camera Curve 3G is still the same as Gemini. 3G Curve has a 2 mega pixel fixed focus without flash. Pretty good performance in the light but if placed luminous minimal, this camera is less reliable.

- 3G, carrying the name of 3G, the Curve is definitely has 3G supports 3G network which has increased from Gemini, which is only GPRS / EDGE. With this network of course much faster internet access and reliable. Gemini and Curve both have 3G supports Wi-Fi, but 3G Wi-Fi Curve is technologically the same as LTE and WiMAX which can capture WiFi signal n.

The phone is very interesting is not it? Featured sophisticated but reasonably priced.

Another feature that is a full-QWERTY keyboard, optical trackpad for easier navigation, Built-in GPS and Wi-Fi, using the BlackBerry operating system 5 and is ready to support the BlackBerry 6, the memory card capacity up to 32 GB.

Harga Blackberry Curve 9300 3G

RIM fix the price of U.S. $ 399 (Rp 3, 5 million) or U.S. $ 79.9 (Rp710 ribu) with 3-year service contract. In Indonesia, the BlackBerry Curve Smartphone products are becoming available in September 2010

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